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These cds are the best! They brought back so many memories! And my grandson, who is 2, sat on the floor and enjoyed them just like I did as a child. Of course mine were 78 records of my mothers. ~ S.B. 10-17-12

I memorized (sort of) Little Orley and the Haunted House and Little Orley and the Cricket. I recited these to my kids, then grandkids, and now great-grandkids. They were in such popular demand that I went to school and recited them to my grandchildren’s classes! I thought Little Orley was completely forgotten and I loved him so much. So I was thrilled to find that I could actually purchase CDs and did so for one of my grandchildren. I found that I was prettyclose (but no cigar) on the 2 tracks I recited. Not too bad when you realize I hadn’t heard them since I was about 10 or 11 years old!! Some 57 or 58 years ago, now. ~ J.G. 3-17-11

I must tell you the reason for my order. My husband and I met in our late 30s. He had two young boys when we got married and we adopted two daughters.He had told some of the Orley stories to his sons over the years, embellishing some of them with his own details. When our youngest daughter was about four years old, he started telling her some of these same stories, notably “Orley and the Coonskin Cap” (with the “Indian Scalping Song” one of his favorites, even though he can't sing a note) and “The Fly Fish Frog Orchestra” — he changed “Orley” to “Orley and Dingleboone” (two cousins who were in their Grandma's house when they both put on a magical coonskin cap), but did not change “The Fly Fish Frog Orchestra” — which was probably our daughter's favorite. I can still hear her saying “Why don't you join our group?” She is now 17 and went online to help me order this as a present for her dad. My husband doesn't remember precisely when he started hearing these stories and I don't know which details are in the stories and which he invented. He was raised in the L.A. area and I was raised in Oregon. Both of us were born in 1950. I clearly remember Mr. Green Jeans and Captain Kangaroo, but he doesn't. At any rate, we will really enjoy these memories. I had to search pretty hard to find your website since this is a rather obscure subject, but I found you and I'm glad I did! We have grandchildren who are the next generation of kids to hear the Orley stories. Thanks. ~ R.D. 9-29-10

My Dad and I enjoyed listening to the stories together long ago when I was young, and like so many things the records disappeared over time. Thus it was great to discover them in recent years and I was able to share them with my Dad, who enjoyed hearing them once again. ~ K.T. 7-28-10

The stories I remember hearing as a child in the 1950s. Thank you for having them available as this Baby Boomer relives her childhood! ~ S.T. 5-23-10

(The CD) is sooooo much better than my old 78s. ~ S.D-J. 5-19-10

I'd been looking for one particular song for years … years … and here it was! My husband and I played the CD the day it came and laughed like crazy. He remembered most of the lyrics from hearing the songs in his childhood. ~ J.J. 5-17-10

So happy to find this, Little Orley and the Bubblegum was a favorite of mine when I was a child. Now I can give it to my grandchildren. ~ J.S. 2-23-10

Got the Little Orley CD, and am very happy with it. Going to send it to my grand kids…. thanks for the quick shipping and the great memories of my childhood! ~ P.H. 1-29-10

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the CD I recently purchased of “More Little Orley Stories.” For years I have been singing the “Happy Bird” song to my grandchildren, and had given up hope of ever finding it's source (I am sure you know how many “hits” you get when you google for it!). All I could remember was sitting on the floor near our radio as a small child and laughing, not just at the song, but at the hilarious faces my father would make when singing it to me. My grandchildren say I also look hilarious when doing the same. You have truly brought back some beloved memories to me! Thanks. ~ B.H. 10-09-09

Thank you so much. I have been looking for the “Little Orly” stories for my mom for years and I am so happy I came across your website. ~ D.W. 8-27-09

I can't believe the Little Orley series is actually available on CD! I wore out my 78 rpm records, found two 33 LP albums in a discount bin in the 1960's (Decca Vocalion label) and they are pretty scratched up from hard use. I plan to introduce this remarkable children's series to my grandkids. ~ J.B. 8-17-09

Many thanks. My brother and I used to listen to the Little Orley records when we were kids, and I had despaired that all there would be was old scratched records available. I look forward to listening to them again in the new format. Progress is a good thing! ~ C.S. 8-14-09

I remember Orley and shared him with my children. I just discovered in my archives, two 78s of Orley and went online to see if by any chance they had been transferred to cds. I can still recite most of the Haunted House. We also had the bubble gum, bull fiddle and the cricket. How delighted I am to have the cds. I received the first volume a few weeks ago. I can't wait to share them with my two grandsons. My 40-year-old children remember them and can't wait to become reacquainted. Such fun. ~ J.K. 7-6-09

I am in possession of some very scratchy 78 rpm records that I would listen to as a child (I'm now 60). I loved them so much that about 10 years ago I got them transferred to a CD, but they were so scratchy that when I played them for my grandchildren it was hard for them to hear. I was so excited to find you online and ordered the whole lot of stories, many of which I hadn't heard. I'm going to see my grandchildren this weekend and am sure that they will enjoy them as much as I did. Thank you!!! ~ L.M. 6-22-09

As a kid I would sit for hours and hours listening to Little Orley. I now have great grandchildren and would like them to have that same experience. ~ J.P. 6-15-09

I have two original LP's from my childhood and I am 64. They are not in very good condition. I actually remember listening to these records with an antique record player that had to be cranked. My mom is 91 and I am ordering these for her. We have great memories. ~ B.S. 1-13-09

Thank you for the prompt shipment of my order. I bought this CD for a little boy across the street who is four. I know his parents who are in their mid forties will also enjoy it. I got it because it had Little Orley and the Bubblegum on it. I am in my early sixties and my brothers and sister enjoyed the Orley stories as kids on 78rpm records from a local thrift store. I especially enjoyed Little Orley and the Bubblegum, Little Orley and the Bullfiddle and Little Orley and the Haunted House. Thank you for keeping his spirit alive. They are fun and relaxing CDs to listen to. Have a Happy New Year. ~ S.K. 12-26-08

Thank you so much for carrying these. My grandparents still have the records my mom, aunt and uncle all listened to as did I. I have so many snippets of Little Orlie stories that I STILL have memorized even though I have not heard them for a long time. I am giving these as gifts to my mom and aunt as the records just don't play well enough anymore. Thank you, C.W. 11-25-08

This Little Orley CD brings back so many childhood memories of listening to stories on 78s and I can now share them with my grandchildren. Thank you. ~ G.M. 9-22-08

I sure appreciate your rapid shipping and the fact that you have these old stories available. Regards, Jim 6-13-08

Thanks for bringing some fun and joy to the world.~ B.A. 6-3-08

My son's favorite (record) when he was 5 … was the “Happy Bird” and (it) was an old 78 that was mine when I was a child. He was heartbroken when he dropped the record and of course it broke. He turns 37 this May and he is getting the Little Orley for his birthday. Have been looking for 32 years to replace it. I still have the original record in it's original jacket. Hope he will be pleased and surprised ~ L.S. 4-23-08

Thank you for your personal service – it's a treat! : ) Can't wait to get Little Orley, which I remember well from my childhood… ~ K.D. 4-2-08

You can't imagine how delighted I am with this purchase. Would you believe a dream of half a lifetime? I had this record when I was a child but my step-mom donated it to charity. When my sons were born, I wanted them to hear this. I have checked many a charity shop hoping to find the record. I never dreamed there was a web site. My sons are now grown but I have my first grandchild. Yeah!!! Thank you very much, Lorraine aka Auntiraine 2-26-08